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Navigating Respondent is easy, and we help you make sure your profile is up-to-date, so Researchers see exactly what you have to offer!

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We make it super-easy for you to get around the Respondent platform. Remember when you signed up for your Participant account? We asked you questions about who you are (demographics), where you live (geographics) and we wanted to know a little about your skills and interestes. That information lives in your Participant profile dashboard.

Everything you need to know and everywhere you need to go starts and ends in your profile dashboard. It's the first thing you see every time you log in!

We make sure to communicate with you when we think you should add more information to your profile. You can click on 'Skip For Now' if you want to start applying for screener surveys right away, and come back when you're ready to update your profile!

Ready for a Tour of the Participant Dashboard?
Let's start with your Contact Details, your Current Employment Status, and some basic information about your job.

When you log in to access your profile information click on Edit Profile > Account Details > then click on the Information card you want to update.

  • Contact Details: First & Last Name, Email address, PayPal email address, & Demographics (Country, City, Zip Code)

  • Employment: Current Employment Status, Industries, Company Name & Size, Work Email, Job Title, and Seniority Level. Finally, tell us about your role in a few sentences!

    • Your employment info lets you apply to our Industry Professional screener surveys, and helps Respondent match you to the best research projects!

To gain more exposure to our Researcher community and get matched to take screener surveys you should also share your:

  • Demographics: Gender, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, and Education

  • Skills: Go ahead, impress us!

  • Social Media: The more visibility you offer our Researchers the more likely you are to be chosen to participate!

    • Make sure you paste the https:// part of the URL link

  • Video Introduction: Your Respondent profile says a lot! Your video intro brings your profile to life!

Remember: The more you share the more you get matched to research projects!

Fun Fact: there is, even more, to love about your πŸ₯° Respondent profile:


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