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Which Skills Should I put in My Profile?
Which Skills Should I put in My Profile?

The skills in your profile say a lot about who you are, and help Researchers determine if you are the best fit for a project!

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A person's career path can be a long and winding one. Along the way, you collect two types of skills - Hard skills & Soft skills. How you present those skills; on a resume, or in an interview can make all the difference when it comes to getting hired. Or in this case, selected by a Researcher for a project!

Think about your education, the jobs you've had, and the career path you're headed on now. What skills have you learned that really stand out and make an impression?
​Hard Skills - Have you ever heard the term "Subject Matter Expert?" Job-specific abilities or responsibilities, good old hands-on training, and the wealth of knowledge from your education and work experiences have made you a subject matter expert about a particular subject or two.
Whatever you know, and have learned, search a few of those hard skills by keyword, and then list a few on your profile to stand out to Researchers looking for subject matter experts that can speak to the project's specifics and details.

Soft Skills - How you interact and communicate with others is what determines your soft skills over time. Make sure to include a few attributes that describe how you work versus what you do. It's okay to brag a little, after all, your soft skills represent your personality and WHO you are! 😊

Keep improving both these kinds of skills and make sure that your participant profile is regularly updated to showcase your experience and skills. Just as with a professional career, the secret to getting paid to participate in research, is to be honest, diligent and thoughtful in your approach.

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