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I Don't Have a PayPal Account
I Don't Have a PayPal Account

The only way to receive an incentive payment on the Respondent platform is via a confirmed PayPal.

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Don't have a PayPal account but want to participate in studies?

Set up a PayPal account by following these steps:


I completed a project but didn't have my PayPal account set up
Good news! You can set up a PayPal account after the Researcher processes the incentive payment.

When the incentive payment processes, and deposits into your PayPal account, a Transaction ID will appear in your project dashboard.

Click on the information icon under Sent to PayPal. It's the lowercase "i" 😊

You will be notified via email every time you receive an incentive payment.

When you receive your incentive payment email, follow the prompts to create your PayPal account and claim your well-deserved incentive payment. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’°

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