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Unmoderated Studies - UX Testing
Unmoderated Studies - UX Testing

UX research includes observation and understanding, the user's expectation of your product, and data analysis.

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It's Fast, Reliable, and Inexpensive

How to Conduct UX Research with Usability Testing

Be realistic about the number of participants you want to target for your Unmoderated Study. Build a robust screener survey to identify the right audience for your research, here's a guide to create the perfect screener for unmoderated studies.

For example:
If your project details say "Earn $20! We want your opinion! Click on the link provided and take our 10-minute survey," all the participants applying may assume they are going to be paid for submitting the survey. If you don't plan on paying all of the participants - say so!

Once you've established who your qualified research participants are, it's time to send them the link and instructions for the usability testing (UX) portion of your project.

Send the participants clear and concise instructions, in the Message Center which Respondent provides in every project dashboard. Your expectations determine the success of your study.

Check and double-check your screener survey to make sure it conveys the right message and includes all of the instructions.

For example:

  • Log in to

  • Follow the prompts.

  • Go to the quietest place in your home so we can clearly hear your responses.

  • Make sure your laptop or phone camera and microphone are turned on.

  • You will be asked to test your home's internet speed.

  • Read and answer all of the questions out loud as you move through the assessment. There are no right or wrong answers. Just relax, and tell us what you're feeling, and why. Pretend the camera is not recording and have a casual conversation as you interact with the product.

  • When you complete the assessment, please be sure to click on the Save button. Do not open a new tab. Wait for the assessment to completely upload before closing the screen.

  • Send us a message on the Respondent platform and let us know that you have completed the assessment so we can verify your attendance and pay your incentive. We will follow up with you to confirm or if we have any additional questions.

COMMUNICATION is a vital and necessary part of your unmoderated research study.

  • Close the loop with each participant who follows the instructions and completes the assessment. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of communicating throughout the entire unmoderated study.

  • Before closing the project, it is the Researcher's responsibility to track all of the participants that are invited to the testing.

  • Process the incentive payments within 5 business days of the assessment's submission or in batches as you are finishing up with your study.


No moderator means less control, less visibility, and the potential for some confusion. Make yourself available, and set a friendly tone.

  • Your participants may not think out loud which is important. You need to understand their relationship to the product.

    • If the test is recorded, provide detailed log-in instructions, and instruct your participants to speak out loud for the duration of the test.

  • You want all participants to take your test seriously.

  • Don't confuse participants with complex tasks and prototypes.

  • Navigation should be seamless, the test should provide prompts with no technical issues that cause participants to give up.

  • Offer a dedicated communication channel so participants can connect with a researcher to get their questions answered or report a technical issue.

  • Be available to participants throughout the study.

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