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Participants - Qualified versus Not Qualified?
Participants - Qualified versus Not Qualified?

This is the most important question Researchers ask themselves when selecting the right candidates for their projects.

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Is it a YES or a NO?

Qualified participants will appear in your project dashboard with a blue 'Qualified' tag. The participant's answers and responses to your screener questions determine their qualification to participate in your project/study.


If you are using Skip Logic in your screener questions and a Participant doesn't answer correctly, the screener will skip accordingly to the next most qualifying question or the screener will end. These participants will be marked with a gray Non Qualified tag, but you still have the option to qualify them if you feel their screener answers and skills are still valuable for your research.

In your project dashboard click on the Participants > Name of Participant > Screener tab. Here you can see each individual Participant's response to your screener questions. Qualified answers are indicated by a green βœ… . Non-Qualified answers are indicated with a red ❌ .

You have the option to Qualify any NOT QUALIFIED participant simply by clicking on the Qualify link and sending a participation invitation. This will override the NOT QUALIFIED status.

Sometimes a Qualified participant won't meet all of your criteria to continue. Click on the vertical ellipses to the right of the INVITE button if you need to:

  • Disqualify Participant - this selection is irreversible. If you decide to continue with a manually disqualified participant, reach out via the message center with details and instructions.

  • Hide Participant

  • Report Participant - your feedback is anonymous and the Participant is not notified.


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