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Unmoderated Research Methodology
Discover a new simplified and faster ways to manage your research participants!
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Fact: Researchers need to employ a range of research methods depending on the questions they're trying to answer!

Respondent strives to provide the highest quality participants for user research, and to that end, it's no wonder that Respondent’s greatest strength so far has been in facilitating qualitative in-depth interviews.

Viewable participant email addresses

It's time to close the loop. Keep your research study moving without having to stop and collect additional data. Once your qualified participants are invited, their email addresses will be available within your Unmoderated research study.

This new feature offers Researchers a greater ability to close the loop when participants perform actions on third-party platforms like SurveyMonkey, Figma, Google Forms, etc.

What's New?

When selecting Unmoderated as your research methodology you will be given the option to opt-in and receive participant email addresses. You must select "Custom URL" in the dropdown menu to use the email visibility option.

Opting out of the email visibility feature for all of your studies is easy! Contact our friendly customer support team for assistance!

Seamless Connections!

The unique Unmoderated email visibility feature gives researchers the ability to verify that participants have completed their research study assignments.

1. Select your Research Methodology

2. Select Custom URL to include the option to ask Participants to share their email addresses.

Participant: Customer-Facing View (E-mail Visibility)

Once you launch your Unmoderated research study, we've made it clear to each participant that applies that if they are selected to participate in the study, they are opting in to share their email address.

Project Details

Place the link to the project to your third-party research tool in the "invitation." The link is included in the project details the Participant views in their project dashboard.

Make sure to add a message welcoming the Participant to the study or specific expectations which clearly define the Participant's responsibilities.

When Participants click on the project to review the details they will see the following information. The Participant sees a confirmation that they opted-in to share their email address with the Researcher.

When the Participant clicks on the 'Start Project' button they will be redirected to the link the Researcher added to the invitation to join the study and to begin their assignment.

Researcher: Project Dashboard View

When you navigate to your project dashboard, you will have limited-time visibility of each qualified Participant's email. You will also see if the Participant's work email is verified.

After the Participant completes the Unmoderated study and you click the Mark As Attended button, the Participant's email is no longer visible.

Participant emails are not included in the project CSV download.

An Unmoderated study's peripheral steps can easily chip away at the researcher's focus. They may be essential to get participants paid for their time, but these constant distractions can hinder the delivery of the quality insights the project was designed to uncover.


We know that a researcher's time is valuable. To that end, we created a few Bulk Action features to help you seamlessly transition your participants through each research study. Check them out here: 👇🏼

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