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Bulk Actions - Participant Dashboard
Bulk Actions - Participant Dashboard

Simultaneously invite participants to join your research studies and mark participants attended with a single click!

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Bulk Invite & Bulk Mark as Attended

At Respondent, we get it. Researchers know how critical high-quality participants are to getting high-quality research insights. However, running a research study – especially an Unmoderated study with many participants – requires significant time and energy.

From the sign-up phase to ensuring each task is completed, and getting all participants marked as attended and paid for their participation is enough to fill a whole day!

The Unmoderated study's peripheral steps can easily chip away at the researcher's focus. They may be essential to get participants paid for their time, but these constant distractions can hinder the delivery of the quality insights the project was designed to uncover.

We know that a researcher's time is valuable. To that end, we created a few Bulk Action features to help you seamlessly transition your participants through each research study.



After you've met with your participants, you can choose to mark them attended individually, or all at once! When participants are marked attended, their status button will change to PAY.

We'd love your feedback on these new bulk Invite and Attendance features - select from one of the faces below to let us know what you think!

There's more to love! Check out our new Unmoderated email visibility feature. Streamline your research process and connect your favorite third-party research tools. Close the loop faster so you can focus on what counts - the data!

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