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Completion Confirmation URL: Surveys and Unmoderated Studies
Completion Confirmation URL: Surveys and Unmoderated Studies

Respondent's new Completion Confirmation URL feature for Researchers, detailed below!

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The all new Completion Confirmation URL feature helps Researchers know when their research study participants have completed all required tasks and "closed the loop." New alerts throughout the tool, and new actions/prompts help Participants confirm that all tasks have been completed, and will notify Researchers in platform as such.

The Completion Confirmation URL features will directly tie into additional automation enhancements coming soon to the Respondent platform. Stay tuned!

The features described here can be used when you are recruiting participants for surveys or unmoderated studies.


Begin by setting up a project and selecting either Survey or Unmoderated Study as the methodology.

  • Notice that when selecting a Custom URL task, there is now a Completion Confirmation URL.

  • We recommend adding a question to your survey to collect the Participant ID.

When configuring your survey for the study, make sure to include the necessary information to associate a completed participant task with a survey response.

  • Collecting the Participant ID in the survey will allow you to associate their completion of the task in Respondent to the survey response.

  • The Completion Confirmation URL should be added to the end of your survey after all questions have been answered.

The survey link can be added during project setup or while inviting a Participant.


Once a participant has applied to your study you will invite them the same way you do today. If needed, you can also edit the survey URL or special instructions at this time.

Participant Perspective

As a participant is getting ready to complete a survey, they will now be prompted to copy their Participant ID and start the project.

The Participant will complete the survey by pasting their Participant ID and can follow the Respondent-provided URL at the end of the survey to see a confirmation that all is completed.

Using the completes tab

As a researcher, I will be able to quickly see which Participants have completed my survey from Respondent. I can reference their Participant ID and download the data from this table to check against survey responses. When satisfied, I can mark a Participant as having attended to complete their participation in the study.

As always, our Support Team is here to help! Please chat us directly using the little blue "chat bubble" in the bottom right corner of your screen, or email us at and we will respond as soon as possible!

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