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Lookback is a customer research platform that helps researchers collect feedback from customers on their product, website, or prototype.

The Lookback integration allows researchers to track participant activity on Lookback within the Respondent dashboard. Our integration will support usability testing, task analysis, and concept/prototype feedback.

Researchers can automate participant tracking and clickthrough into Lookback video session recordings from the Respondent project dashboard. Match completed research studies when it comes time to pay participants on the Respondent platform.

Click on the Lookback button for more information.


Designed to simplify the research process, our latest integration with SurveyMonkey effortlessly connects researchers to participants.

Researchers can recruit participants from the Respondent platform and invite them to join the SurveyMonkey study. Respondent will automatically detect when participants have completed the survey and mark them as attended, making large quantitative research project management quick and painless.


To Integrate your SurveyMonkey account:

  • Log into Respondent.

  • In the main project dashboard, click on Team Integrations.

  • Find SurveyMonkey and click on the blue Connect button.

  • You'll be redirected to SurveyMonkey to authorize the integration.

Click on the SurveyMonkey button for more information.

Respondent plays nice with a wide range of popular tools in the research tech-stack. Explore our Research Integrations page to learn more or write to us with suggestions.

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