Data Requests
Sometimes the Respondent platform might seem a bit uncooperative. 🐛 Our teams work hard to surface issues and find fixes.
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If a feature on the Respondent platform isn't working properly, our Customer Success Team reports the issue (a Bug 🐛) to our Engineering Team.

Currently, we only send data requests for bug-related issues. If you are requesting a change to your profile (Employment, Email Address, Location, etc) and your account is locked, we are not able to submit a data request. The day your profile will be editable is noted on your dashboard.

Should you encounter an issue that directly affects your ability to navigate the Respondent platform, contact our Success Team. Please provide your log-in email, the name of the project, a brief description of the issue, and a few screenshots (these are super helpful).

If you have an incentive payment-related question for a research study you have participated in, go here:

If you have questions about PayPal, go here:

If you need help resolving a payment issue, please read this helpful article:

Often, our engineers require extra time to recreate and monitor the issue, investigate how it's affecting our platform, and find a fix to avoid further occurrences.

Please allow 10 business days for a bug-related data request to process. To ensure your case is expedited properly, we make sure to note the important details regarding your issue and affecting your ability to navigate the platform.

We will follow up with you via Chat as soon we have an update from the engineering team. We value your participation on the Respondent platform and appreciate your patience as we work hard to resolve any platform-related issues.

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