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Resolving Attendance & Incentive Payment Issues
Resolving Attendance & Incentive Payment Issues

I don't agree with a status or haven't been paid your incentive for participating in a research project?

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Respondent doesn't have an official Resolution Center, but our Customer Support Team is happy to look into the details of a research project you participated in if you disagree with your Attendance or have not received your incentive payment.

Remember, your honesty, accuracy, and transparency are what the Researcher was looking for when you were chosen to participate. We base our investigation of your payment issue on these important factors.

  • The date & time of your scheduled meeting with the Researcher.

  • The exact name of the research project.

  • Your log-in email address.

  • Your PayPal email address.

  • Screenshots:

    • Emails from the Researcher or Respondent

    • Messages from the Researcher

    • Proof you were logged in and ready to start the interview at the scheduled time.

The more information you can provide us upfront the faster we can investigate your payment issue. Our Customer Success Team will take all of your information into account. After reviewing your information, we contact the Researcher for information related to your participation.

Your incentive payment and attendance status are solely at the discretion of the Researcher. If our Customer Success Team finds conflicting information during the investigation process, we will take into account all of the information we have and we will strive to make a fair and reasonable resolution.
We ask that you give our team a minimum of 48 hours to investigate your case. In that time, please do not contact our Customer Success Team or the Researcher via the message thread in the project.

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