Once your project is published you can choose to invite your qualified participants via the "Participants" tab in your project profile.

How to invite participants:

  • Click on your Project to view the Project Dashboard.

  • Click the Participants tab.

  • Locate the participant you want to invite.

    • You can search by name and job title.

  • Click the blue "Invite" button.

  • Next, select the Calendar you want the participant to schedule a meeting time.

  • Include a virtual link (Zoom, Teams, Skype) and any special instructions

    • If you have many virtual meetings, scheduled back-to-back, we suggest you include a specific grace period for the participant to check in to the meeting room.

Once you've invited participants they can schedule a time on your calendar.

Incentive Credits to pay Participants must be paid for in advance.

The total Recruitment Balance (our 50% service fee) must equal more than the incentive total you are offering all of the Participants at the time you are inviting them to your project. In other words:

  • You CAN publish projects and review screener responses

  • You CAN'T invite your participants until you have either a credit card on the account or sufficient credits in the credit balance to cover the cost estimate of all open projects in the team.

You can purchase more credits or lower your target audience to adjust the Recruitment Balance.

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