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Inviting Participants to Your Research Project
Inviting Participants to Your Research Project

At Respondent we make it easy for Researchers to invite schedule time and meet with their Participants

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Once your project is published you can choose to invite your qualified participants via the "Participants" tab in your project profile.

How to invite participants:

  • Click on your Project to view the Project Dashboard.

  • Click the Participants tab.

  • Locate the participant(s) you want to invite.

    • You can search by name and job title.

  • Click the blue "Invite" button.

Next up, send your Invites with a calendar and Instructions:

Here is an overview of the steps to take when you're ready to invite your Participants to schedule time on your calendar:

  • Click on the Invite button in the Participant's profile in your project dashboard.

  • Next, 'Select a Calendar" in the dropdown. This is the calendar the Participant will use to schedule time with you!

  • Click on the 'Host' bubble if you prefer to use Zoom as your preferred virtual meeting

  • Click on 'Use another meeting service or location' if Zoom is not your preferred virtual meeting tool.

Contact the Participant via the message center in the project if you need to send an alternate Zoom link or updated instructions.
Learn how to integrate your Zoom Link into your account HERE

Once the invite is sent, it cannot be undone or edited!

πŸ’‘ Some Helpful Notes:
Ensure that your Participants are well-informed of your expectations, especially if your project is conducted in several segments.
Add as many detailed and explicit instructions, deliverables, and due dates as necessary in the Message or Special Instructions section

Click 'Send Invite' only when you're absolutely sure you've included a virtual meeting link, calendar, and project instructions.

Need some help? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Log in to your account, and click on the Respondent logo to chat with a Customer Success Team member!

Invitations & Credits:

Incentive Credits to pay Participants must be purchased in advance.

The total Recruitment Balance (our 50% service fee) must equal to or more than the incentive total you are offering all of the Participants at the time you are inviting them to your project. In other words:

  • You CAN publish projects and review screener responses.

  • You CAN'T invite your participants until you have either a credit card on the account or sufficient credits in the credit balance to cover the cost estimate of all open projects in the team.

You can purchase more credits or lower your target audience to adjust the Recruitment Balance.

Inviting Participants to New Projects from the Participant Database.

First, search and select the Participants you'd like to invite to the new project. You can do this in 3 ways: By name and job title, by ticking the box next to the participant's name, or by Filtering by Project.

  • Click on the blue Preview button in the lower right-hand corner

  • On the next page, choose the new project you want to invite them to, and decide if they need to take a new screener or not

  • Finally, leave a personalized message for the participants

  • When you are ready to invite your participants, click the blue Send button!

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