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Adding Incentive Tips: Auto-Pay
Adding Incentive Tips: Auto-Pay

Adding tips to your Research Project Incentives works a little bit differently with Auto-Pay (as of January 2024).

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The launch of Respondent's Auto-Complete and Auto-Pay features are designed to streamline workflows, cut down on manual tasks, reduce repeat actions from Researchers, and move us closer to a fully automated workflow from start to finish. Those Researchers looking to add tips in addition to their set incentive amounts, will still want to use manual payments for Participants at this time.

Pro Tips for Tipping:
- If Researchers would like to add a tip in addition to their incentive amount, manual pay is the way!

- In a scenario where a Researcher wants to leverage Auto-Pay but has a standalone Participant they would like to tip, a seventy two hour window exists after the Participant is marked as completed/attended in which manual payments may be made.
- In this scenario, you will need to manually pay all completed Participants since our platform defaults to bulk payments. While you must manually pay all Participants in this instance, you can choose to add a tip to just one Participant, same as you do today.
- Following this workflow will remove all Participants from the Auto-Pay queue at this time.
- Future Participants in the project will still be eligible for Auto-Pay!

Additional information on Auto-Pay and Auto Complete, along with a full list of FAQs, can be found, here!

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