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Auto-Complete & Auto-Pay for Research Studies
Auto-Complete & Auto-Pay for Research Studies

We are excited to announce the addition of Auto-Complete and Auto-Pay functionality to the Respondent platform!

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Auto-Complete: Will automatically mark Participants as "completed" in some of our most commonly scene scenarios such as:
- When the scheduled time has passed for moderated projects, completion is marked 24 hours after this trigger.
- When the close the loop or completion URL is clicked by a participant invited to an unmoderated project, completion is marked 24 hours after this trigger.

Important Note: Auto-Complete is set on be default and is a standard part of workflows moving forward! You can undo this action by changing the Participant completion status, as needed.

Auto-Pay: Will simplify your project administration and operations, making your research studies wrap up more smoothly than ever! Incentive payments will be automated to Participants that have completed their research tasks forty eight hours after task completion is recorded.

Important Note: Auto-Pay is set on by default during the project setup process.

What To Expect (As a Researcher): Research projects using Auto-Complete and Auto-Pay can expect projects to automatically complete, and Participants to automatically be paid, after the passing the timelines above. As with all digital funds transfers, PayPal payments may take 5-7 business days to post in a Participants account. This workflow should require no manual intervention from the Researcher!

Auto-Complete & Auto-Pay FAQs:

1. What triggers an Auto-Complete?
- For Moderated projects, the passing of a scheduled interview will initiate the Auto-Complete flow for a Participant. For Unmoderated projects, the redirection of a Completion URL link will initiate the Auto-Complete flow for a Participant.

2. How long do I have until I am billed after a Participant is completed?
- Seventy two hours/three business days.

3. Do I have to manually enable Auto-Complete and/or Auto-Pay?
- Absolutely not! Both are on by default to help seamlessly automate your workflows!

4. What happens if I manually pay someone while Auto-Pay is enabled?
- If a Participant is paid manually while Auto-Pay is enabled, they will not be paid twice - the manual payment for that specific Participant will take precedence. All additional Participants/all future Participants on the project will still be automatically paid.

5. What if I'd like to tip Participants in addition to the Auto-Paid incentive amount?
- If you plan on adding a tip in addition to the previously set incentive amount, you should look to pay your Participants manually for the project. You can can learn more about best practices for this workflow, here.

As always, our Support Team is here to help! Questions? Feedback? Need a hand? Click on the blue "chat bubble" located on the bottom right hand corner of your screen (when logged into the Respondent platform) and let's connect!

You can always email our Support Team directly at (this will automatically forward to our entire team).

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