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Designed to simplify the research process, our latest integration with SurveyMonkey effortlessly connects researchers to participants.

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How the SurveyMonkey Integration Works:

Before you start your research, we want to share a quick overview of the SurveyMonkey-Respondent integration.

Here is the workflow:

  1. Connect your Respondent Team to SurveyMonkey

  2. Design your next survey in SurveyMonkey

  3. Create a new Respondent research project and choose Survey as your research methodology.

  4. When you choose SurveyMonkey under Link to Task, your most recent surveys will be available to select. Choose your desired survey.

  5. Provide any special instructions or participants to help them get started.

  6. Recruit and select your participants from Respondent

  7. Let the research begin!

Step 1: Create a Survey on SurveyMonkey

  • Head over to SurveyMonkey > Login > click on Create Survey.

  • Next, select from the Survey Menu. You can start from scratch or select from a suite of SurveyMonkey survey creation tools.

    Popular SurveyMonkey survey options include: Start from Scratch & Import Questions.

    Tips & Best Practices

  • When Creating Your Survey Questions.

    • Take your time.

    • Think through each question.

    • Create engaging questions.

    • Avoid using too many YES/NO answers.

    • Apply Logic, if applicable. This is a fantastic option if you are targeting a niche audience.

    • Click Save, then Done.

Step 2: Recruit Participants on

Now it's time to head back to to create your Screener Survey so you can launch your study and let us match you with the best-qualified participants.

Target Audience - When you select the number of participants you want to target for your research study, we cap the number at 200%, meaning we target twice the number of participants. Click on the button below to learn more about setting up your target audience.


In the Details section of project creation:

  • Select Survey Methodology

  • In the "Link to Task" section, pick SurveyMonkey in the dropdown menu

  • Click the Available Surveys field, then select from your list of available SurveyMonkey surveys.

  • Don't forget to add any special instructions or project expectations.

See our Troubleshooting suggestions below if you have any issues with your SurveyMonkey integration.


Publish your study and wait for your qualified participants to apply. When you're ready to invite participants to join your research study and send them to your SurveyMonkey survey, click the Invite button, and the following modal will appear.

Notice that the SurveyMonkey survey you selected and the spacial instructions are baked into the invitation you send to your participants.

Send the invites when you're ready! Don't forget we have a Bulk Invite feature built into the project dashboard in the Participant tab.

When a Participant completes the survey on SurveyMonkey, their responses will appear in the Completes tab in the project dashboard. Click on "Recording" to view Participant responses.


If you haven't integrated your SurveyMonkey account with, you will see this message when selecting SurveyMonkey in the "Link to Task" field.

To Integrate your SurveyMonkey account:

  • Log into Respondent.

  • In the main project dashboard, click on Team Integrations.

  • Find SurveyMonkey and click on the blue Connect button.

  • You'll be redirected to SurveyMonkey to authorize the integration.

You won't be able to add a survey to your project until you've created a SurveyMonkey survey.

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