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Streamline your user research process! Lookback helps you collect feedback from customers on your products, website, or prototype.

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Do I need a Lookback Researcher account?

Yes. You can sign up for a trial and access the account registration page here!

Signing up for a Lookback trial is easy. No payment information is required!

  1. Get signed up

  2. Receive a verification email from notifications@lookback.io (check SPAM too!)

  3. Verify your email and log in

  4. Create your “Organization” (aka Team)

What is Lookback?

Lookback is a customer research platform for usability testing and interviewing. It's one of the bests ways to collect feedback from customers. From product testing and prototyping to website reviews, Lookback has harnessed precision cutting-edge technology to make your research projects an efficient, time-saving experience.

Here's how it works:

  • Create a Lookback session first, then complete your Unmoderated study in Respondent.

    • The Lookback session URL is included in your Respondent research study.

  • Respondent will automatically identify the successful completion of each Lookback session.

  • Capture audio and video within Lookback and access the recordings in Respondent.

How do I use Lookback on the Respondent platform?

You can use Lookback in tandem with your Respondent.io account and your Unmoderated research projects.

To begin you need to create a project and survey screener in the Respondent platform. In the Details section select the Unmoderated research methodology, then select Lookback from the dropdown menu.

Finally, paste your unique Lookback URL below the Lookback field, and add special instructions. Be clear and concise.

When you launch your project Respondent matches you with the most qualified participants. You decide who to invite to join your project, and the Lookback project URL and any special instructions are automatically added to the project invitation.

Ready to learn how to create your project on Lookback? Click on the blue button below.

What is the Participant Experience on Lookback?

Lookback streamlines the participant process for researchers with an easy-to-follow workflow:

  • Your qualified Respondent participants don't have to sign up for a Lookback account! Clicking on the unique Lookback project URL delivers them directly to your Unmoderated study!

    • Researchers get notified each time a Participant begins the study on Lookback.

  • The URL link to your Lookback project is added to the invitation we send via email to your qualified participants.

    Participants gain instant access to your test/study in Lookback via the Respondent platform, by clicking on 'Start Project' in the Project Details we include in their personal project dashboard.

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