Internal Project Name & Respondent Pitch

  • The Internal Name of your project is only visible on your project dashboard. The Project Title is what the Participant sees on the Main Project Dashboard.

    Respondent Pitch

  • Your Project Title is what Respondent calls the "hook," an attention-grabbing sentence or two to help your screener gain interest and traction. Use this section of your screener to catch your perfect target audience with a catchy, but concise description of your study.

Target Audience & Research Method

  • Your audience can include the General Population (everyone regardless of job title and industry) or Industry Professionals (people who have expertise in a specific field).

  • Select Project Topics to help Respondent match the best participants to your study.

  • Select to conduct your study Remote or In-Person?

  • In the drop-down select One-on-One, Focus Group, Unmoderated, and Diary Study.

  • Next, select the length of time each participant is required to engage in the study.

Incentive Payments

Target Number of Participants 🎯

Once you've established how you're going to conduct your research it's time to decide how many participants you want to recruit.

The Respondent platform works to match 200% (or 2X) of your select target audience. This allows you the maximum number of participants to choose from to schedule to participate in your research study.

  • Use the slider to select your Target Audience. In this example, we selected 25 participants. Respondent will recruit 2X the selected target audience and recruit 50 potentially eligible participants.

  • Location: You can select Worldwide, by Country, or by State (US)

    • For remote studies, we recruit in a 250 km radius from each city listed. For in-person, it's a 100 km radius from the address of the study!

  • Next, choose if your participants are eligible based on Past Participation.

    • Please note: Only participants paid by your organization from previous studies will be affected by the Past Participation filter criteria.

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