Creating a Screener Survey

Creating a research screener survey is easy. Follow these step-by-step instructions and get your project launched quickly. πŸš€

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Internal Project Name & Respondent Pitch

Internal Name

  • The Internal Name of your project is only visible to you and your teammates on your main project dashboard.

Project Title

  • The Project Title is what the Participant sees on the Main Project Dashboard.

Respondent Pitch

  • Your Project Title is what Respondent calls the "hook," an attention-grabbing sentence or two to help your screener gain interest and traction.

    Use this section of your screener to catch your perfect target audience with a concise description of your study.


  • Consider a Project Title that is more detailed.

    • Seeking seniors with a pet! ❌

    • Looking for seniors who believe their pets improve their quality of life. βœ…


  • Next, build off of the Project Title and add some additional information in the Project Details regarding the type of audience you are targeting.


    • Are you a pet-owning senior? If you're 55+, we want to learn more about your relationship with your furry friend - how your pet has enhanced the quality of your life and some of the daily activities you engage in with your pet.

Target Audience & Research Method

  • Your audience can include the General Population (everyone regardless of job title and industry) or Industry Professionals(people who have expertise in a specific field).

  • Select Project Topics to help Respondent match the best participants to your study.

  • Select to conduct your study: Remote or In-Person?

  • In the drop-down select One-on-One, Focus Group, Unmoderated, Survey, and Diary Study.

We’ve been tinkering under the hood and putting in some long days to unlock more impressive features for our Unmoderated and Quantitative (Survey) methodologies, including some amazing new integrations.

  • Next, select the length of time each participant is required to engage in the research.

Incentive Payments

Target Number of Participants 🎯

Once you've established how you're going to conduct your research it's time to decide how many participants you want to recruit.
The Respondent platform works to match 200% (or 2X) of your select target audience. This allows you the maximum number of participants to choose from to schedule to participate in your research study.

  • Use the slider to select your Target Audience. In this example, we selected 25 participants. Respondent will recruit 2X the selected target audience and recruit 50 potentially eligible participants.

  • Location: You can select Worldwide, by Country, or by State (US)

    • For remote studies, we recruit within a 250 km radius of each city listed. For in-person, it's a 100 km radius from the address of the study!

  • Next, choose if your participants are eligible based on Past Participation.

    • Please note: Only participants paid by your organization from previous studies will be affected by the Past Participation filter criteria.

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