Setting your Incentive

Post the incentive you want to pay Participants in the Details section of the screener survey.

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The Incentive is the amount of compensation you intend to provide the research participants for their participation. The Incentive is essential to the success of a project and will depend on the length of the project, what type of project it is, and whom you intend to recruit.

Setting up and Editing the Incentive

The Incentive you decide to pay your Participants is posted on the Details Page.

  1. Create a New Project or edit a Draft Project

  2. Under the "Details" section, locate the "Incentive" section

  3. Select the dollar amount you want to pay each participant for their time.

Incentive Payment Details

Amount - We allow a minimum incentive of $5 and a maximum of $1000. Researchers can pick any incentive between those amounts in $5 increments. Use our free, simple incentive calculator to decide the right incentive to recruit participants.

Currency - Incentives are listed and paid in USD. We don't offer other currency options at the moment.

  1. Paying off the platform - Participants must be paid their incentives through the Respondent platform for participating in a marketplace project. There are no exceptions.

  2. We don't allow payments in cash, on-site, or as gift cards. For more info, click here.

Editing the Incentive

Once you publish your project you can edit the incentive by following these steps:

  1. Select the project name on the main project dashboard

  2. Select Edit to open the screener

  3. On the Details page use the slider to edit the incentive amount

  4. Edit the incentive amount

  5. Click the Save & Back button in the upper right-hand corner

Only new applicants applying to your project will see the updated incentive amount. If you would like the incentives updated for all of your Participants, reach out to support after you mark your Participants ATTENDED and before you mark them PAID.

Paying Participants their Incentive

Respondent pays participants their incentive through the platform. See more about issuing the payment here.

Remember: Editing the incentive will not change the incentive amount for participants who have already applied to participate in your project.

Not sure what incentive to provide? Check out our tips for setting the right incentive.

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