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Pause or Resume a Project
Pause or Resume a Project

Can I stop my project? Why was my project paused? How can I resume Recruitment?

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How to Pause and Resume a Project

If your project has enough qualified participants and is still recruiting, you have the ability to Pause your project up to 28 days AFTER you launch it.*

Note: The duration after which the auto-pause takes effect has been doubled from 14 days to 28 days since the date of publishing, to allow researchers more flexibility in scheduling, and to reduce the need for publishing replica projects. When a project is in 'Recruiting status', Respondent will continue to recruit participants until researchers have at least 2x the number requested.

You can still interact with your current participants, and invite your own or past participants., however, the project will be removed from the marketplace and will no longer recruit any new responses.

  1. Navigate to the Projects dashboard

  2. Click the ⏯ Pause or Play button on the main projects list page

Once a project is paused, it can be resumed by clicking the play button (in the same location as the pause button).

Your Project will Automatically Pause if:

The research project is fully recruited!

Woohoo! 🥳 Respondent has recruited 200% of your target number. Projects on the Respondent platform automatically Pause when they hit 200% of the target number of qualified research participants. For example, if you are targeting 10 participants, the platform will stop your project when it hits 20 qualified responses.

Why does the project automatically pause?

Great question! The auto-pause feature was implemented to prevent Participants from using their screeners to apply to studies for which they are unlikely to be selected.'s goal is to match the most perfectly qualified Participants with the very best research projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pausing a project that meets your target number allows Researchers to focus on scheduling and interviewing their Participants without the worry of the project filling up with too many unqualified Participant screener submissions.

What can I do to keep the project recruiting?

If at any point after your project pauses you'd like to continue recruiting your target audience, you have 2 options:

  • Reach out to our customer success team for options and suggestions. We're happy to take a look at your screener survey and current project analytics!

*Keep in mind that duplicating your project can allow duplicate responses.

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