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Screener Survey Targeting Options
Screener Survey Targeting Options

Target your participant target audience by Gender, Education Ethnicity, & Age Range

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Gender & Education

Ethnicity & Age

Qualifying Questions

If the Details ๐Ÿข & Audience ๐Ÿฅ— are the Appetizer and Salad, the Qualifying Questions ๐Ÿ— are definitely the entreรฉ!


Note: Never ask for a Participant's personal information in any of your screener questions. This includes phone numbers and email addresses. Please reach out to our Customer Success Team if you would like to discuss your project and we will be happy to offer you some best practices in regard to communicating with your participants before, during, and after the research study.


The survey screener takes into account every answer for every question. Adding skip logic to certain questions lets you create a custom pathway through the screener.

Basically, skip logic makes your questions skip forward based on how the participants answer the current question.

Note: Be absolutely sure that your Skip Logic makes sense before publishing your project. At any time you can select the Preview Screener button to see how your potential Participants will view the screener on the Main project dashboard.

Example #2 with Skip Logic

Skip Logic allows you to connect answers by selecting AND / OR, as well as...

Where the next question skips to in the screener!

NDA & Company Name

Time to Publish!

Once you've tested your screener and feel confident about publishing your research project, click on the blue Publish button and your project instantly goes live! If you need additional time or want to run it by your team, click Save for Later and your project will remain as a draft until you're ready to launch! ๐Ÿš€

The Total Incentive and Total Service Fee amounts are based on the incentive and the target audience you chose in the Details and Audience sections, respectively, in the project's screener survey tool.

Need to chat about your research project?

If you have questions about creating a screener survey, click on the Respondent icon in your dashboard to chat with a member of our Customer Success Team. You'll need to be logged in to chat with us! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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