Your Org & your research projects will have many moving parts. As you continue to add new projects the likelihood of needing to add team members will increase!

Organization Owners can add colleagues, to join their ORG in Respondent. You will send a link from your ORG via email. Once added, a colleague can sign up for a Respondent account, and have access to all the projects in the account.


The Owner of an ORG has full access to the account. Owners can edit any information related to the ORG's account settings, including the Team Settings, all Billing information, and adding a payment method. Remember, we allow only 1 Owner per ORG.

Since the billing information is controlled by the Owner, if anyone on any team requests a Spend Report, the information will be sent to the Owner's email.


The ADMIN of the ORG has all of the same permissions as an Owner, however, they cannot delete an ORG or update payment information, or automatically change themselves to the Owner in the event the assigned Owner leaves the Team or your company. Think of your Admins as project managers.


Any Member you add to the ORG can view and edit all projects, but Members have limited access to the Account Settings. Members can also access Transactions and have visibility in the amount of Credit your ORG has to pay incentives. but have no other Billing info or Team Settings.

Now that you know who's who, here is how you invite your ADMINS and MEMBERS to your ORG:

  1. Click "Manage Organization" in the left-hand menu.

  2. Click "Manage Invitations."

  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite.

  4. Select their role at the organization.

  5. Indicate the team(s) within the Org they will be added to and do research!

  6. Click "Invite."

OK! You sent your invitations for colleagues to join your ORG! Now what? Nothing really, just wait for them to accept! But what if someone who wants to join your ORG that you didn't invite?

NOTE: Team members must be in the Organization Tab to re-invite, or delete an invitation.

Approve a Pending Invitation

Your colleagues and peers at your company can also request to join your ORG, just so long as they create a Respondent Researcher account! Organization Owners can approve those requests on the Team page.

  1. Click "Settings"

  2. Scroll to "Organization"

  3. Click "Manage Users"

  4. Under "Invitations"

  5. Click the blue "Approve" button to confirm the request to join, or click the trash can button if you want to deny the request to join.

  6. Once they've been approved, you'll want to add them to a team via "Unassigned Users" right above the list of requests!

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