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How does Respondent Work?
How does Respondent Work?

Welcome to Respondent! Our platform helps connect Researchers with quality market research Participants.

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We're a marketplace so we have two types of people who use our platform: our Researchers and our Participants.

That's it! It's a quick and easy process. But we know you have questions, so we've answered a few common ones below:

What kind of research can you do with Respondent?

Researchers are welcome to set up qualitative and quantitative research projects with Respondent, and you can do your research in-person and remotely. Respondent primarily solves the 'research recruitment' step of your research workflow, and supports integrations with research tools for enabling methodology-specific research.

When you are creating a project, you choose between a variety of project types. Here's a bit more on the types of research projects we offer:

How does Respondent find research participants?

We recruit participants in 3 main ways:

  • Through our current marketplace community

  • Through referrals

  • Through online publishing.

How much does it cost?

Our service fee is a flat rate and is determined by either B2C (mostly general population studies) or B2B (studies for industry professionals).

We believe in honest and transparent pricing, so you only pay for the participants that actually complete your project. All of our prices are clearly listed on our website.

You can learn more about our pricing, here.

How can I get some support?

Our team is happy to help! To contact us, send us a message through the little chat bubble (The Respondent logo, bottom right hand corner of the page) in your account -- we'll be able to help you get your project set up, or put you in contact with our sales team for a free demo.

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