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Understanding the Respondent Referral Process
Understanding the Respondent Referral Process

Referrals show up under your "My Referrals" section. But first, they must meet certain criteria. 

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The people you refer to the Respondent platform must meet the following criteria.

  1. The person you refer is new and does not already have an account.

  2. After signing up, the new participant is paid a minimum of a $75 incentive for a Network referral and $100 for a Project referral.

  3. They use your unique referral link to sign up for that study.

  4. They complete the screener questions in one sitting.

  5. They are invited to participate.

  6. They complete the project and receive an incentive payment.

Once your referral signs up, watch for the 5 different statuses in your Referral dashboard change. To navigate to your Referral dashboard Log-in > Referrals

  • Signed Up - This means that the participant has used your link to sign up but has not been invited to participate in the study you referred them to. (You are not paid for the initial sign up)

  • Screening -The participant is actively applying to research interviews, but hasn't yet been invited.

  • Participated -The referred participant who completed the project is awaiting their payment approval.

  • Bonus Processing -The payment has been approved and will begin processing. This can take up to 7-10 days.

  • Bonus Paid - The referral bonus has been paid to your PayPal account.

All payments are automatically generated to your PayPal account once the researcher has paid the referred respondent and you will receive an email notification from PayPal.

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