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Booking & Scheduling System Fix
Booking & Scheduling System Fix

Please see a step-by-step breakdown below of how to resolve the platform Booking/Scheduling issues from December 2023.

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Researcher Community,

Our internal teams have successfully diagnosed the platform issues impacting research study booking and scheduling, and have deployed multiple updates in order to resolve them.

While these updates and bug fixes are live now, you will need to re-book Participants as needed to fully resolve and update your instance. Instructions on what this looks like to both you and the Participant are below.

Please Note: Our testing found that these booking and scheduling issues were primarily impacting Researchers using the Zoom integration features. If you do not use the Zoom integration for scheduling and booking, it is likely that you need not make any changes to your previous workflows.

  1. In order to trigger the bookings "cancelation," Researchers will need to click the "Bookings" tab. This may take longer than usual to load, based on the number of bookings within, so please be patient.

2. When you navigate back to the "Participants" tab, you will see that the Participants in question have been "canceled" and are not eligible to be "re-invited."

3. On the Participant app, the "cancelation" is surfaced to the user as follows (this is to be expected):

Please reach out to our Support Team with any additional questions and/or feedback.

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