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Respondent Qualtrics integration guide for surveys
Respondent Qualtrics integration guide for surveys

Recruit on Respondent for research on Qualtrics and automate participant tracking

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Find participants on Respondent for your Qualtrics survey and in a few quick steps, verify their participation and proceed to analysis using our integration guide. This guide uses the completion URLs feature to make it easier to track, reconcile and pay participants for survey responses.

Table of contents

Set up the survey on Qualtrics

  1. Create a new Qualtrics survey and build your survey with questions, branches, looping logic as you need. If you require help with Qualtrics features, refer to Qualtrics support.

    To secure non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or other consent from participants, you can use Respondent’s automated document signing features, available on all subscription plans. By default participants from Respondent have already consented to participate in surveys.

  2. To map individual survey responses to a participant, include a 'text entry' question that requests a participant to enter their 'Participant ID'.

    “Please enter the Participant ID from your Respondent account”.

    You could make it a required field for all respondents, if this is essential for your project. Participants can find their Participant ID in their participant dashboard or when they open the invite to your survey. As a researcher, you can view the Participant IDs of participants who have clicked on your completion URL in the project dashboard.

  3. Save your form and copy the URL to collect responses to your Qualtrics survey. We will return to your survey shortly, now let us set up your recruitment project in Respondent.

Project set up on Respondent

  1. Select ‘Survey’ or ‘Unmoderated Task’ as the methodology while setting up your project to recruit high quality participants. Refer to this guide on setting up a project on Respondent, if you new to the platform.

  2. Paste the copied Qualtrics survey URL in the ‘Link to task’ field of your project

  3. Copy the automatically generated Completion Confirmation URL to your clipboard and add any special instructions you may want to pass on to your participants.

4. Proceed with your audience details and screener questions on Respondent and publish your project.

Automatically redirect participants to Respondent upon completion

  1. Return to the Qualtrics editor and scroll to the bottom of the survey editor, and select 'End of Survey'. These instructions are also available on the Qualtrics support documentation.

    Block below the last block in the survey builder with End of Survey written at the top of it. On the left, selecting redirect to a URL option from the editing pane

  2. On the left sidebar select the drop down for the end of survey message and select "Redirect to URL". This option may require a paid Qualtrics account.

  3. If you wish to use the end of survey message option, add the following message to the 'Custom text' section of your end of survey message:

    'Important: Please click HERE<insert completion URL as the link> to speed up incentive processing by recording your participation on Respondent.​​ If you are not signed in to your Respondent account, please sign in to record your attendance in the Respondent platform.'

Invite participants from Respondent to your Qualtrics survey

  1. Review and invite participants who have applied to your project and are qualified according to your screener questions

Automatically track and reconcile completes in project dashboard

  1. As invited participants complete your survey and click on the completion URL, you can review their status on your Project Dashboard, under the Completes Tab.

  2. You can select participants in bulk and pay them, with no need for individual reconciliation of responses.

  3. Use the Participant IDs on the completes tab to map individual participants to their respective survey results, and use the messaging feature to clear up any inconsistencies or follow-ups.

Troubleshooting Qualtrics + Respondent integration

Projects dashboard > Completes tab shows a list of all participants to my Qualtrics survey, but their responses are not visible on Qualtrics.

  1. This occurs when a Participant enters an inaccurate Participant ID in the Qualtrics question you are using to map the response to the individual participant. You can use the timestamp of the participant response in Qualtrics vs. the alert from Respondent or look for similar Participant IDs to the one displayed in the Project Dashboard > Completes tab

  2. If you are unable to reconcile an individual response to the participant, you can message the participant and inquire about the specific response to identify their submission record. You could also ask them to redo the task, if tracking the response down is unsuccessful.

If you need further assistance using Qualtrics with Respondent’s completion URLs, please contact us via the help widget inside your account.

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