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Pricing FAQs

Common questions about pricing.

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Important Note: As of October 6, 2023, you can also add and/or "top up" your recruitment credits at the same rate as your current plan! These additional credits take on your the credit expiration date (based on your plan) and may be eligible for an extension as needed.

What is a credit?

  • One credit gets you one research session with a participant. We always target double the amount of participants you request in projects, but you’re only charged for the participants you work with.

How do Basic and Advanced plans work?

  • Basic and Advanced plans give you 60 and 150 participant credits to use over the course of a year, respectively. Any unused credits at the end of 1 year from purchase, will roll over with a six-month extension if you continue to subscribe at an equal or higher value plan.

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C recruiting?

  • B2C recruiting lets you filter by topic while B2B provides an extra layer of verification along with filters such as industry, job title, company size, and skills. B2B also comes at a higher cost due to their specialized knowledge, limited pool, and longer research sessions.

What if I use all of my credits before the end of the year?

  • If you use all of your credits before the end of the year, additional credits can be purchased at the same pricing as your current plan (applicable for all plans, including PAYG). These "topped up" credits will carry the same expiration date, but may be eligible for an extension as needed.

What if my research plans change? Can I cancel or pause a subscription?

  • Pausing a plan tends to be the best solution for most research teams. Pausing a plan allows you to place your credits and the remaining duration of your plan on hold for $50 a month. During this time your credits will not be accessible, but you can still utilize Pay as You Go if needed. Once you unpause, your plan continues on where you left it. If you cancel a subscription you will retain the current year's credits through the duration of your plan but lose any previously rolled over credits.

Can I recruit for both B2B and B2C research?

  • Yes! We will convert credits for you automatically at project setup regardless of the plan you are on.

What does the B2B to B2C credit conversion look like?

  • Credits from any plan can be converted to meet your needs. Your account balance will always show available credits as B2C or B2B credits based on your selected plan. We will convert between B2C and B2B credits during project setup at a conversion rate of 5 B2C credits = 3 B2B credits. For example, if you purchase a B2B plan and want to conduct research with 10 B2C participants, that will use 6 B2B credits.

If you have questions feel free to message with us using the messaging app. Just click on the little Respondent logo that sits on the bottom right corner of the screen. You have to be logged in to send a message to us.

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