28-Day Auto-Pause

Believe it or not, our 28-day project pause feature increases engagement with our community of participants!

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Projects Pause after 28 days

We want to keep the marketplace as fluid and current as possible. By doing so, Respondent makes room for new and exciting incoming projects for our ever-growing participant community.

Note: The duration after which the auto-pause takes effect has been doubled from 14 days to 28 days since the date of publishing, to allow researchers more flexibility in scheduling, and to reduce the need for publishing replica projects. When a project is in 'Recruiting status', Respondent will continue to recruit participants until researchers have at least 2x the number requested.

Data from our own research has shown that Researchers rarely respond to Participants after their project has been posted for more than 8 days. To that end, here are the steps Respondent takes:

We automatically pause older projects to:

  • Remove them from the marketplace.

  • Prevent Participants from applying to projects in which they might never be selected to participate in.

We make sure to communicate the status of every project.

We send Researchers a timely email with the following information:

  • Recruiting for the project will pause - on xxx (date + time).

    • You will still have the ability to invite, pay, and message the active participants in your project dashboard.

If at any point you'd like to continue recruiting for your target audience, you have 2 options:

*Keep in mind that duplicating your project can allow duplicate responses.

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