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Qualifying Participants
Qualifying Participants

The best participants are the ones that are perfectly aligned with your screener questions.

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How do I qualify based on Education Level, Ethnicity, or Age?

Audience Qualifying lets you disqualify participants meeting certain demographics from your project. Anyone can still see and fill out your screener questions for your study, but those who do not meet the qualifications set up will show as not qualified, regardless of their answers to your screener questions.

Qualifying Options: Education Level, Ethnicity, & Age Range

Education Level

Education Level, by default, is set to "N/A". You can select multiple Education Level options. The participants who don’t fit one of your selected education levels will be marked as not qualified.


Ethnicity is set to “All of the above” by default, which includes all ethnicity options. We will not disqualify any participant based on ethnicity. You can select multiple Ethnicity options based on what you’d like to accept into your study. The participants whose profiles don’t match the ethnicities you’ve selected will be marked as not qualified.

Age Range

The Age Ranges, by default, is set to "N/A". The participants whose ages are outside of the range options you select will be marked as not qualified.

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