What are skills?

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If you have launched a project on Respondent recently or logged in as a participant, you probably noticed a new feature! We have introduced skills as an additional way to closely target the demographics you need and build out Respondent profiles for a more precise match between study and participant.

How do skills work?

Much like job titles, participants will self indicate skills on their profile, which will populate a large number of options to choose from when targeting for your project. These skills range from C++ to musical arts and everything in between.

When creating a project, you can select the grouping of skills relevant to your research and we'll include this in our matching and targeting algorithms to ensure you get responses that are the best fit for the sessions you are looking to host.

Where can I see a participant's skills?

Once responses start to fill in, you can find participant skills by clicking into "profile" and scrolling to the bottom of this modal. There, you'll see all skills they have listed on the platform!

If you have included specific skills you're targeting for, you'll see this on the "screener" tab under filtering where it will list the skills that matched up to what you've targeted!

As always, if you have any questions on this feature, please reach out to support and we're happy to help however we can. Until next time!

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