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How to hide my company name
How to hide my company name

I want to hide my company name - how do I do that? Can I change it?

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At the end of your Screener Survey, you have the option of hiding your company name from the project.

How to hide your company name:

  1. Start a new project.

  2. Complete your project setup and audience targeting to get to the screener survey section

  3. At the bottom of the screener, check the "Hide my company name from the recruitment communication"

  4. Complete your project

Keep in mind that we will only stop the name from appearing on our communication -- If you work on a large team, we recommend making sure everyone involved knows that you will not be sharing the name with participants so that someone doesn't accidentally give it away.

Pros vs. Cons of hiding the company name

Pros -- Hiding your name can help prevent bias when people are signing up to participate in your study.

Cons -- Making your name visible adds credibility to your recruitment and you will likely get more responses.


Can I just change it to something else?

Yes, you can edit this in the same section when the hide option isn't selected. However, please be sure to only edit it to a name that represents your organization. If we find that you are impersonating another company we reserve the right to investigate and potentially close your project.

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