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Project Followers and Notifications
Project Followers and Notifications

How can I receive notifications about a project? Can I add Team members to my project?

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Life is easier when we do things together! Whoever is in your team has access to your project. However, this doesn't mean they'll automatically receive notifications about your projects.

You can manage who receives email notifications for a project by editing the Followers on the home page of your project dashboard.

  1. Click on your project

  2. Click πŸ”” Followers in the top right of the page

  3. Add names of the people you want to be notified

Pro Tip: Only members of your Team will be able to be added as Followers.


Can I add someone who isn't associated with my organization as a follower?

No, you can currently only add people who are part of your organization as followers.

I'm a follower, but I don't want to be notified about EVERYTHING, can I change that?

Yes, you can adjust your notification settings in your account's settings.

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