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Previewing Your Screener
Previewing Your Screener

Where can I preview my qualifying questions? What does my screener look like to Participants?

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Your screener is an essential part of finding your qualified Respondents. You might want to see what it looks like before (or after) you've published your project.

Preview in Draft Mode

If you haven't published your project yet and it's still saved as a Draft, you can preview what Participants see when they take your screener by clicking the Preview Screener at the bottom of the Questions.

You can also preview your screener from the main projects page by selecting the settings icon โš™๏ธ > Preview Screener. This also works with published projects!

Preview a Published Project Screener

If you've published your project, you can view the screener by selecting More at the top right of the project dashboard and clicking Preview Screener.

โ€‹Pro Tip: If you have included skip logic in your screener, please be sure to check it is acting in the way you intended by taking all the possible routes through the questions and responses.

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