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Disqualifying Qualified Participants
Disqualifying Qualified Participants

A participant wasn't really qualified for my project... How do I disqualify participants?

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When reviewing participants who have qualified for your project based on their screener responses and qualifying criteria, you may determine that an individual is not a good fit for your study and decide to disqualify them.

You can Disqualify qualified participants on the Participants page by clicking the 'Disqualify' button.

What effect will disqualifying a participant have on recruitment for my project?

Disqualifying a participant will keep the participant from counting towards your study's recruitment target so that you can find a better participant for your study.

What effect will disqualifying a participant have on the participant's status with Respondent?

Disqualifying a participant from your study does not prevent the participant from joining future studies with you or other researchers, so you can use disqualification to hone your participant pool for maximum quality.

Will participants know that I've disqualified them from my study?

No, participants do not know whether or not they qualify for your project, and disqualifying them will not alert them in any way.

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