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Viewing your Participant Responses
Viewing your Participant Responses

After launching a research project, you'll see everyone that has opted in to participate on the project dashboard, qualified or not.

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Enjoy the view from the project dashboard! ๐Ÿ–ฅ

How to view a Participant's Profile:

  • Click on the project name

  • Click on the "Participants" tab

  • Click on the Participant you want to view

What can I see in the Participant's profile?

When you view a participant's profile, there are a few tabs that will provide you with different information on the research participant:

  • Answers to their screener questions

  • Their profile (name, age, location, etc).

  • Demographic details

  • Employment details

  • Skills

  • Social Media Links

  • Past participation on the Respondent platform

  • Messages between you and them

Exporting the Participant Data:

You can export your participant data via the "Participants" tab. For more information, see our help doc on exporting.

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