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Setting up a Target Audience 🎯
Setting up a Target Audience 🎯

How to target Participants based on gender, location, age, ethnicity, job title, industry, or preferences

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Audience Targeting lets you tell the Respondent platform whom you want to participate in your research project. Determine exactly who can opt into your study and who will be qualified!

Targeting the Perfect Number of Research Participants

Your target number is the number of participants you intend to invite to take part in your project.
​Respondent recruits 2 times the number of qualified participants you want to target for your research project. When your project hits that target number, your project is automatically paused.

Participants who are not qualified do not count towards the 2x of your target number.

You will see the PLAY button when your project is paused. Click on it to start actively recruiting!

Conversely, you will see the PAUSED button when your project is actively recruiting. Click on it to pause the project.


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