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Participant Status
Participant Status

Once your research project collects screener responses, the participant goes through various status

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Participant applies to your screener.

  • Submitted - the participant will qualify or disqualify

Your qualified participants are Invited to participate.

  • Invited - send the participant a message with times to select on your calendar For Moderated studies, participants select the day and time on the calendar you send them. When they select the meeting time their status changes to Scheduled.

Participants assist you with your research.

  • Attended - it is important to make sure you mark your qualified participants attended as soon as possible.

You issue the incentive payment from the Payments tab in your project dashboard.

  • Payment Sent/Paid - Clicking on the Paid button triggers the incentive payment and starts processing the payment to the Participant's PayPal email address.

  • Incentive payments can take up to 10 business days to process.

  • If a Participant messages a Researcher regarding the status of their incentive payment, please direct them to the Respondent Customer Success Team for assistance.

Canceled - If you cancel someone's participation completely, or a participant cancels their participation and indicates that they no longer want to participate.

No Show - If a participant doesn't show up to their booking you have the option to mark them as "No Show". Participants who are marked as No Show have their account penalized, and you are not required to pay them.

If your research project is UNMODERATED, and you have a large target audience please mark Participants Canceled, not No-Show.

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