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Creating or Joining Another Team
Creating or Joining Another Team

How do I set up another Team? How do I join another existing Team?

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On the Respondent platform you are able to join and create as many different Teams as you like.

Creating a new Team

  1. Log in to your existing researcher account

  2. Click Switch Team located below your current Team's name

  3. Select New Team

  4. Enter the details under Create New Team and press Done

Adding others to an existing Team

You'll need an Owner or Admin to add you to the Team.

If you're an Organization Owner/Admin:

  1. Go to Manage Organization on the left navigation panel

  2. Select the Browse Teams tab

  3. Click Add Members on the desired Team

  4. Find the name of the Member, select Add and then Done

If you don't see the Member, you can send them an invite to join in Manage Invitations.

If you're a Team Owner/Admin:

You can add existing Members from your Organization to your Team.

  1. Switch Teams to the Team you want to add your colleague

  2. Go to Manage Organization on the left navigation panel

  3. Select Team Members under Team Details

  4. Click Add Members, search their name(s), then press Add and Done

After creating or joining a Team, you can toggle between them at any time by clicking Switch Team.


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