Follow these steps to get your social media accounts added:

  • Use Chrome from Google on your desktop/laptop

    (we prefer Google Chrome! 😎 )

  • Open the link to your social media account. Copy and paste the link in the cell below the name of the site.

  • You may need to change your setting on Linkedin/Facebook, to allow 3rd party access to your title, location, and image. For example, on the LinkedIn site:

    Once your social media connects successfully, you'll see this in your LinkedIn profile settings:

    If you're still having issues:

  • Clear your browsing history. Sometimes cached data prevents sign-ups on third parties.

  • Check for pop-up blockers or ad blockers preventing you from logging in. Pop-up blockers usually appear briefly in the upper right-hand corner of the search bar.

  • Log out and log back in LinkedIn/Facebook. You may have changed your password recently, which is preventing permissions from being granted to Respondent.

If you have not yet signed up for a Respondent account, please navigate to > sign up > Get paid for participating in research interviews

Once you have created an account you will be able to find the projects you are interested in and apply to participate! ✅

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