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How do I Add My Work Email?
How do I Add My Work Email?
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If you originally signed up as "unemployed" or "student", you will not see a "work verified email" box to enter your work email.

In addition, you will not be able to enter a work email without a business email domain. Email domains ending in Yahoo, iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, etc are not recognized or verified on the Respondent platform.

If you want to enter a work email address with a valid work email domain, Log-in > My Account > Edit Profile > Employment > enter work email > Verify work email

Be sure to hit Save!
Check your inbox (SPAM too!) for the verification link. Click on the link. Upon verification you will see the following next to your work email address:

If the work email doesn't verify, copy and paste the link you received in your inbox in to the browser, and make sure the Employment tab with your work email address appears on the screen. Click Enter.

If you don't have a work email, or if you are currently not able to edit your profile, you will still be able to apply for screeners in the General Population category. Simply click on Dashboard and use the Filter feature to find projects that match your skills and experiences.


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