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Location-Based Phone Number Verification

I am having trouble verifying my phone number

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In order to create or update an account, participants’ international phone code prefix must match the country listed on their profile.


  • A phone number uniquely associated with your account

  • The international calling prefix that matches your geographic location

Why is phone verification required?

Participants rely on researchers to publish paid projects on the Respondent platform, and researchers rely on the quality of those participants.

Verifying your identity based on location is one part of a multi-step quality assurance process that reduces fraud and increases the number of compensated opportunities available to legitimate research participants.


Pro Tips:

If you receive your unique code but can't get the phone verified:

  • Is the device connected to your carrier's network? Message delivery on devices roaming internationally, or off-network, is more likely to fail.

  • Does your phone setting currently blocks unknown numbers?

  • Verification of your phone number may fail using internet-based phone services or texting apps.

  • Can your device receive SMS from other sources? Some mobile providers may block messages from certain senders or number types - check with your carrier for more details.

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