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Contacting the Researcher about Your Attendance & Incentive Payment
Contacting the Researcher about Your Attendance & Incentive Payment

Send the Researcher who conducted your study a message, asking them to mark you as Attended and process your incentive payment. 

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If you need to send a message to the Researcher about your Attendance and Incentive Payment, feel free to use the template below. Make sure you send the message on the platform.


I enjoyed participating in the study {PROJECT NAME} on {RESEARCH DATE & TIME}. I hope the feedback I provided served useful to both you and your team!

I'm reaching out to let you know that I logged in to my Respondent dashboard and noticed that you have not yet processed my incentive payment. The team at Respondent informs me that it is the researcher's responsibility to confirm the Respondent's attendance and process their payment. You can process my payment by following these steps in the researcher dashboard:

Project Name > Project & Respondent Payments > Confirm

Please confirm my attendance, and process my payment in the project dashboard. I greatly appreciate your time, and thanks again for selecting me to participate in your research.



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