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I've Been Invited to Participate, Now What?
I've Been Invited to Participate, Now What?

When you are invited to participate in a paid research study you receive an SMS and an email.

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Firstly, congratulations! You are one step closer to getting paid for research and I'm sure the researchers are eager to learn more about the insights you can offer. The next steps for now depend on the type of research study you have been invited to, as detailed below.

Moderated Studies

Check your email for a link to the Researcher's project calendar. You can click on the name of the project in the email, or find the project in your profile. You can access the Booking two ways on your project dashboard.

Unable to book a time on the Researcher's calendar? Don't panic!

  • Some email/browsers "strip the link" to the calendar. Here is a workaround. Follow these steps: Log In > Browse Projects > Book, or Book straight from the project card. (look up at the images)

There is no availability.

  • The study has been filled with qualified candidates. Sometimes researchers invite more candidates to ensure they reach their target number of interviews in a timely manner.

  • The Researcher has not updated their calendar settings to reflect their availability.

When there is no availability on the calendar, we suggest you contact the Researcher via the "There is no availability" box located in your invitation email.

Unmoderated Studies

If you are invited to participate in an unmoderated study, there is no calendar link. The link you receive in the email is the link to begin participating.

To ensure you secure a spot in the unmoderated research session, it is suggested you begin your participation as soon as possible.

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