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Respondent for Participants - The Basics
Applying to Participate in a Project aka Screeners
Applying to Participate in a Project aka Screeners

You can review and select projects to apply for by clicking the "Browse Projects" tab in the top left of the page. 

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Applying to Projects:

  • Click on "Dashboard" in the left-hand navigation pane.

  • Use the "Filter" tool to search for Industry Professional or General Population projects.

    • Use the dropdown menu, select Most Relevant, Most Recent, Highest Incentive, or Shortest Time

    • You can also select between Remote or In-Person projects.

  • Click on "View Project" or click on the Name of the Project (it's a hyperlink) and it will take you to the main screener page so you can start the application process.

  • Click on the blue button that says "Start Screener." You will be taken through a set of qualifying questions.

    • If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log into your Respondent account, or you can create a new account!

  • After completing the screener click "Submit"

Search for Research Projects by Keyword:

Do you have experience in a particular industry? How about particular skill set?, Or maybe you want to find research studies about shopping behaviors, grooming products or the latest cell phone technology. Type keywords into the search bar on the main project dashboard to see a curated list of projects.

When you sign up as a Participant you can apply for 3 screeners in a 24 hour period. When you have completely verified your account and it becomes approved you can apply for 10 screeners* in a 24 hour period.

The sections of your profile that require verification will have ✅ Verified icon.

Respondent only allows incentive payments via PayPal. If you apply for a screener and see an incentive to receive a Gift Card, entry into sweepstakes, or any other incentive other than through PayPal, contact our Customer Success Department.

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