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Remote Projects vs. In-Person Projects

At Respondent we have many ways to connect with a Researcher

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Remote research is not conducted in person. Your invitation may be a video chat, a phone call, or a link to participate in an online unmoderated study.

Remote research at Respondent.

  • One-to-One - Aka "the interview!" Remote One-to-One research is a scheduled meeting via video chat, the phone, or other communication methods.

  • Focus Group - Focus groups are multiple participants joining in the conversation at the same time.

    • Focus groups occur over video chat, phone, or other communication methods.

  • Unmoderated Study - Any project that doesn't involve direct interaction (either in person or remote) is an unmoderated study. Examples are surveys and UX testing online.

  • Diary Study - A diary study is a study that takes place over time. Participants record their participation periodically.

  • Other - If your desired type of research isn't listed, you can select the "Other" option.

In-Person Research at Respondent

In-Person Research is any project that involves the researcher and the participant meeting.

  • In-person interviews

  • Focus groups (may involve traveling a distance to meet)

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