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What is the Status of My Project? (Participant)
What is the Status of My Project? (Participant)

The status of the projects you apply for will change depending on whether or not you qualify.

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Pro Tip:

Easily organize your projects at a glance. Use the drop-down menu, on the Project Dashboard to Filter by Status

  1. When you apply to participate in research studies that you think are a good fit they will appear as SUBMITTED on your dashboard. Respondents are not paid to take the qualifying survey.

    • All qualifying screener surveys will show a status of SUBMITTED upon completion.

  2. An invitation to participate in a project changes the status to INVITED. Look for an invitation email to or check the message thread on your Participant dashboard.

  3. If you're selected to participate, you will choose a time that suits you from a calendar made available to you by the Researcher. After you select the time you'd like to meet the Researcher, your project status will change to SCHEDULED.*

  4. Upon completion of a project, you are paid the advertised incentive, minus a fulfillment fee, $1 or 5%, whichever is higher. The project status will change to PAID/PAYMENT SENT and you will receive payment via PayPal usually within 5 business days.

  5. If a PayPal payment is delayed, reach out to the Researcher via the message thread in the project or click on the CONTACT button next to the name of the project, on your profile dashboard. All other PayPal questions or issues should be directed towards Respondent's Customer Support Team.

    PLEASE NOTE: Once a project is CLOSED, messaging for the project is disabled.

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