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Respondent for Participants - The Basics
How Does the Respondent Research Participant Recruitment Platform Work?
How Does the Respondent Research Participant Recruitment Platform Work?

Search for research projects, apply and qualify, and get paid for your opinions and feedback!

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This is how the Respondent platform works:

Researchers from leading companies use Respondent to find participants for research, and participants like you can apply to projects posted by Researchers to earn incentives.

  • Sign up to participate in research projects and search the project dashboard and apply to screener surveys that best fit your work skills or experiences. A screener is a series of qualifying questions you answer that determine if you fit the specific criteria for the researcher's project. Respondents (aka participants) are not paid to take the qualifying screener survey.

    • The researcher/sponsor of the study reviews the screener responses and sends invitations to the Participants they think are the best fit.

  • If you receive an invitation to participate in the research project, you'll get to choose a time that suits your schedule from the researcher's calendar or, you'll be asked to complete unmoderated research projects - tasks, and questions to answer at your own pace, on your own time, usually at a location of your choosing.

    • Be mindful that Unmoderated research projects may have quick turnaround times. Check the Project Details regarding the deadlines of your Unmoderated projects, and reach out to the Researcher via Messages if you have any questions.

  • After you have completed the research project you will be paid the advertised incentive less a fulfillment fee of, $1 or 5%, whichever is higher. It is beyond the Respondent platform's scope to manage who is invited to participate in research projects - although we would like to! πŸ˜€

    ​Please note: the responses you give in the screener survey are not used for any purposes beyond qualifying you to participate in the research study.

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