Why won't my social account connect?

Here are some simple steps to try
  1. Try using Chrome on your desktop/laptop 
  2. When you click the Linkedin icon, you get a pop-up window from LinkedIn that you need to allow so you can log in. Make sure you're getting a pop up! 
  3. You may need to change your setting on Linkedin/Facebook, to allow 3rd party access to your title, location and image. 
  4. Clear your browsing history. Sometimes cached data prevents sign ups on third parties
  5. Check you do not have pop-up blockers or ad blockers preventing you from logging in
  6. Log out and log back in LinkedIn/Facebook. You may have changed your password recently, which is preventing permissions from being granted to Respondent


If you have not yet signed up 

please navigate to www.respondent.io > sign up > Get paid for participating in research interviews

Once you have created an account you will be able to find the study you are interested in, in the list of available studies. At that point, you can apply to participate.