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Why should I add a personal video introduction?

After you complete a screener survey, it's up to researchers to invite you to participate in the project. Researchers look for participants that meet their project requirements but are also knowledgeable and can speak clearly on a subject.

A personal video introduction is a great way for you to stand out from the field of participants. This is your opportunity to let researchers preview what it might be like to interview you.

Recording a great video introduction

  1. Ensure all of your hardware (computer, webcam, mic) is correctly functioning.
  2. Properly frame yourself in the camera and minimize background noise.
  3. Look into the camera and speak slowly and clearly.
  4. Prepare! Make sure you know what you want to say. We provide a few prompts in the application that you can consider speaking to.

Do not include any personal data aside from your first name and location in the video.

User conduct

Respondent takes a zero tolerance approach to inappropriate content. In joining Respondent, you've agreed to our Terms & Conditions, which includes a user conduct policy. Participants found to be in violation of this policy or the Participant Code of Conduct will be immediately removed from platform. They may also not be paid for their participation .

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