Why is my project 'paused'?

Why is my project 'paused'? My project is 'paused' - Can I 'un-pause' it? 

Projects on the Respondent platform automatically 'pause' when they hit 2 times the target number of qualified research participants. 

For example, if you are targeting 10 participants, the platform will 'pause' your project when it hits 20 qualified responses. 

When a project is 'paused', no new research participants are able to opt in to participate. This feature has been implemented to prevent Respondents from wasting their time on screeners for studies they are unlikely to be chosen for, while still giving Researchers plenty of choice. 

What if I need more participants? 

If you need more than 2 times the number of qualified candidates because the current list of qualified candidates do not meet your selection criteria, you should:

  1. Interview who you can from your existing project. You will only be charged for interviews you actually conduct. 
  2. Manually disqualify participants you won't be using and it will open up room for more qualified responses to fill in. 
  3. Copy your existing project and re-launch it, with a more accurate screener in place. 

Remember, you can manually qualify participants who previously showed up as not qualified (i..e relax the screening criteria later), but you can not ask additional questions of research participants until you confirm their attendance. 

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