Why do I have to verify my work email?

Researchers send invitations to those Participants they feel are the best fit!

There are two types of audiences for studies on Respondent:

  • General Population
  • Industry Professional

In order to qualify for Industry Professional studies (those targeted towards participants in a specific set of industries with specific skills), participants are required to have a verified work email on their account.

Please note: You will still be able to participate in General Population studies without a work email.


  • An email with a professional domain must be entered in the "Work Email" field on the third page of your account set up (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and other generic domains will not be accepted for verification purposes) 

  • The email must be verified by clicking the link in the verification email and logging into your account on Respondent directly from that link. 

Having Trouble Verifying Your Work Email?

Google chrome (our most optimized browser) allows pop-ups and clears your cache. If the button doesn’t work, then copy the verification URL in the email, log in to Respondent, and then paste it into your browser.

Why is a Work Email required?

The Email provided is used for Respondent verification purposes only and helps Respondent to deliver participants who are whom they say they are to researchers. 

This information will not be provided to any researcher without your consent. You can read more about Respondent's Data Security and Privacy Policy by visiting our website.


We recommend that you check your junk/spam folder and check that your work email is not blocking emails being sent from noreply@respondent.io.

Occasionally, we have found some company's block outside emails. Ask your IT team for more information.